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Dynamic Air, Stainless Steel Mini-Transporter, 1 cu.ft., air actuated, Butterfly valve, #24818 NB, 1996, #06114

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1 Cubic Ft Dynamic Air Stainless Steel Mini-transporter
S/n 28509. P/n 1047086. Tag# 4931-01. Po # 703211. National Board # 24818. Max Allowable Working Conditions: 100 Psi @ 200 f. One 8" Dia. Posi-flate Stainless Steel, Air Actuated, Butterfly Valve. With Solenoid Valve, Pressure Regulator, And Position Indicator. Also Included Are Two 3" Dia. Posi-flate Stainless Steel, Air Actuated, Butterfly Valves! Two Blue Level Probes With A-b Proximity Limit Switches. Stainless Steel Plumbing. 4" Dia. 150 Lb Flanged Outlet With 3" Dia. Pneumatic Conveying Elbow. 11 Boosters Included. 37" From Base To Top Of Butterfly Valve.