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MANIPULATORS, FORGING (Also See Welding Manipulators Classification)

80 Ton, Rail Bound, up to 110" tongs opening, 197" btwn rails, rebuilt 2008, #23980

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Carrying capacity, nominal      80 tons
Tongs clamping moment      160 metric tons
Tongs openings without inserts, round      800/2,000 mm round
with inserts      200-800 mm round
with extension arms      100-2,800 mm round & square
Max. turning diameter with extension arms      3,900 mm
Min. tongs centre height above rails      1,700 mm
Max. tongs centre height above rails      4,500 mm
Vertical stroke of tongs parallel to floor      2,800 mm
Vertical tilting angle of tongs      Up 15°
Horizontal side shift of tongs      ±300 mm
Horizontal slew angle of tongs      ±5°
Horizontal movements of tongs in forging direction, relative to carriage      ±400 mm
Centre rail distance      5,000 mm
Overall dimensions      
width, approx.      6,800 mm
height, approx.      5,400 mm
length, approx.      15,510 mm
Speed, times      
forging      0-30 m/min
traveling      0-50 m/min
turning of tongs      0-8 RPM
lifting and lowing of tongs, compl. Stroke      90 mm/sec
tilting of tongs, compl. Stroke      90 mm/sec
side shifting of tongs, compl. Stroke      80 mm/sec
clamping of tongs, compl. stroke      70 mm/sec