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154 Ton, Peddinghaus Fabri Punch CNC plate detail punch, Fagor CNC control

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154 Ton, Peddinghaus Fabri Punch CNC plate detail punch, Fagor CNC control
      Proposal for Machine #9025

We are pleased to quote for you the following. Please note that these are approximate specifications only. We advise that you personally inspect this machine before purchasing it to verify the following information:

1-Used Peddinghaus Fabri Punch CNC Plate Detail Punch
Model Number: F-1154-30RT
Serial Number: C146
Mfg: 11-88
Drawing Number: YA18033-000-00-00

Maximum      60 x 30 x 1 repositioning 8 x 8 x 1/18 angle
Minimum      2 x 2 x 1/8 angle
Maximum material thickness      1
Capacity      154T
Positioning range      30 x 60 W/repositioning
Minimum programmed increment       .001
Positioning accuracy       /- 1/32
Electronic accuracy       /- .001
Full stroke of press ram      2
Part positioning rate      500IPM
Material clamp      hydraulic
Material clamp force      2000lbs
Clamp in X axis      hydraulic
Stripper type      Positive infinitely adj
Punch stroke control      adj limit switch
Hydraulic pressure      2750 PSI
Power unit motor      25HP
Oil capacity      50 gallons
Die height from floor      40
Dimensions      12 x 9 x 8T
Approx. weight      15,000 lbs

Machine Equipped With:
Fagur 8025 (4) axis CNC control, triple gag tooling assy, programmable repositioning, box of tooling
Price include new customer registration of $5,000 with Peddinghaus