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20" HMTW, rotary, 30" swing, Fanuc CNC, 14" wheel, 7 HP, low hrs, excellent, 2006, #10202

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20" HMTW, rotary, 30" swing, Fanuc CNC, 14" wheel, 7 HP, low hrs, excellent, 2006, #10202
PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $59,500.00

Stock # 10202
Serial # 0004 New June 2006 Model # MGK 7350

Manufacturer Date: June 2006 (Still in Current Production)
Manufactured By: Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co. Ltd.
Hangzhou Machine Tool Works, China
Machine New Replacement Cost: $80,000.00  

The machine uses mainly the wheel periphery for grinding the surface which has higher requirement for parallelism and surface roughness. The machine can be used for high precision surface grinding, as well as for grinding external or internal taper. So, the machine is suitable for grinding such as precision bearing race, index plate and precision measuring instrument in the bearing factory, tool and measuring instrument factory and precision instrument manufacturer.

The machine adopts the moving-column principle, in this way, the table does rotating movement, longitudinal feed is derived from the movement of the column and the wheel head can only move up and down on the column for vertical feed.
The table is driven to rotate by a motor with frequency convert and through speed reduction by the triangular belt. The lead screw is driven by a servo motor through speed reduction by the triangular belt to make the column move longitudinally.
The wheel head moves up and down by a servo motor through speed reduction of a pair of gears to drive a lead screw to elevate the wheel head. The CNC system adopts SIEMENS system whose feed sensibility is 0.001 mm.
Note: All inch dimensions were converted from Metric
Electro Magnetic Chuck Diameter: 20" (500 mm)
Electro Magnetic Chuck Height: 4.72" (120 mm)
Electro Magnetic Chuck Weight: 322 Lbs. (146 kg)
Current Magnetic Chuck Life: 1-1/8" (As New)
Magnetic Chuck Poles: .125" wide on 3/4" Centers
Maximum Grinding Height: 9.84" (250 mm)
Non Magnetic Table Diameter: 15.75" (400 mm)
Variable Table Speeds: 20 to 70 RPM
Maximum Table Load: 496 Lbs. (225 kg)
Maximum Part Swing: 30"
Column Longitudinal Speeds: 0.1 to 2.5 Meters per Minute
Maximum Longitudinal Column Traverse: 10.83" (275 mm)
Distance from Wheel Center to Table: 5.90" to 16.73" (150 to 425 mm)
Maximum Wheel Head Slide Travel: 10.83" (275 mm)
Micro Down Feed of Wheel Head: .001 mm
Rapid Elevation Speed of Wheel Head: 11.81 IPM (300 mm per Minute)
Grinding Wheel Size: 13.78" x 1.57" x 5" Bore (350 x 40 x 127 mm)
Grinding Wheel Speed: 1,500 RPM
Total Power Consumption: 26.82 HP (20 kw)
Grinding Wheel Motor: 7.37 HP (5.5 kw)
Table Rotation Motor: 2.95 HP (2.2 kw)
Vertical Head Feed Motor: 1.34 HP (1.0 kw)
Coolant Pump Motor: 0.16 HP (.125 kw)
Cross Feed Motor: 1.34 HP (1.0 kw)
Machine is Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 220 Volts

Fanuc Series OI-MC CNC Control, with Built in Air Conditioner
Built in Over the Wheel Powered Wheel Dresser (With Diamond)
Round Magnetic Table Chuck: 500 mm
Free Standing Electrical CNC Control Panel
Free Standing Hydraulic System with Oil Cooler
(2) Grinding Wheel Hubs
Static Wheel Balancing Stand with Arbor
(1) Table Mounted Wheel Dresser (No Diamond)
(1) Spare New Fanuc CNC Drive Motor
(1) Wheel Puller
(3) Assorted Wrenches
(3) Spare Wheel Balancing Weights
Coolant Pan, No Pump Unit
Machine Work Light
(1) LS Variable Frequency Drive Manual
(1) Fanuc Manual on CD Rom
(1) Hangzhou Machine Operation Manual
(1) Leitz Machine Manual
(1) Fanuc Series OI-MC CNC Operators Manual
(1) Fanuc Series OI-MC Parameter Manual
(2) Control Keys
(3) New 5 Gallon Pales of Machine Oil
Machine Leveling Wedge Pads

Machine: 70" L-R x 100" F-B x 94" High x 13,000 Lbs.
CNC Electrical Control: 27" x 61" x 73" High x ? Lbs.
Hydraulic System: 24" x 36" x 48" High x ? Lbs.
Skid of Miscellaneous: 48" x 54" x 21" High x ? Lbs.


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