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110 Ton, Amada #HFE100-3S, 10' OA, Operatuer 7-Axis control, 5-Axis BG, 2006

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110 Ton, Amada #HFE100-3S, 10' OA, Operatuer 7-Axis control, 5-Axis BG, 2006
Amada HFE 1003S - 110 ton, 10' bed length,
5-Axis backgauge, 7 Axis Operatuer Control
Mfg: 2006

System Specifications
Hydraulic Press Brake
Capacity: 110 U.S. tons
Bend Length: 122 inches
Maximum Stroke Length:7.8 inches
Open Height: 18.5 inches
Throat Depth: 16.5 inches
Distance Between Housings:106 inches
Ram Repeatability:  /- 0.00004 inches
Table Width: 2.36 inches
Approach Speed: 7.87 inches per second
Bending Speed: 0.04 to 0.787 inches per second, programmable
Return Speed: .04 to 7.87 inches per second, programmable
Overall Machine Length: 145 inches
Machine Width: 58 inches
Machine Height: 106 inches
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 56 gallons
Machine Weight: 16,000 pounds
Motor HP: 25
Foundation: 6 inch concrete slab
Model: Amada Type B
Repeatability: L Axis  /- 0.0004 inches
Movement Range
X Axis: 27.5/37.5 inches
R Axis: 9.84 inches
Z Axis: 94 inches
Feed Speed
X Axis: 19.5 inches per second
R Axis: 6.2 inches per second
Z Axis: 39.3 inches per second
Minimum Command Unit: 0.0001 inch
CNC Controller
Model: Amada OPERATEUR
Axes of Control: 7 standard
Y1Y2 Ram depth
X1X2 Backgauge
Z1Z2 Horizontal finger position of two stoppers
R Vertical finger position of two stoppers
Input Method: Keyboard, 3.5" diskette and RS232
Display: 12" Color VGA
Program Storage: 60 in active memory plus 30 on diskette
Bends per Program: 25
Die Library: 70 dies
Punch Library: 30 punches

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