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3" Landis #24PW Series Lanhyrol, 2-roll cylindrical, auto feed/discharge, #23936

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Landis 24PW LAN-HY-ROL
2-Roll Cylindrical Thread Roller Re:23936

Min diameter of work      0
Max diameter of work      3.0"
Special diameter of work      4.0"
Finest Pitch – UN or AN      448 threads/inch
Coarsest Pitch – UN or AN      2 threads/inch
Coarsest Pitch – Acme      4 threads/inch
Coarsest Pitch – Worm Thread      9 diametral pitch or equivalent
Thread length – max, infeed method      6.0"
* All pitch and thread length specifications are dependent on the flow characteristics, elongation value, tensile strength, thread form and workpiece hardness. Where finer pitches are involved it is possible to roll thread lengths longer than 6". All applications with lengths longer than 67" are subject to engineering department review.
Max roll diameter      8-5/8"
Spindle speeds:
      10 hp motor:
      Max      126 RPM
      Min      21 RPM
      15 hp motor:
      Max      238 RPM
      Min      41 RPM
Rolling pressure (variable to maximum)      22.5 tons
      Spindle drive motor      10 hp or 15 hp
      Hydraulic pump motor      3 h
      Coolant pump motor – standard    hp
      Floor space required:
      Machine only      72" x 72"
      Machine, operating and service area      11 ft x 11 ft
      Boxed measurements:
      Machine only      86 x 68 x 72"
      Hydraulic tank      45 x 29 x 41"
      Coolant tank      55 x 49 x 27"
      Machine – includes hydraulic and coolant tanks, combine for export shipment      125 x 67 x 78"
      Net      6,700 lbs
      Gross      7,150 lbs
      Hydraulic tank gross      540 lbs
      Coolant tank gross      350 lbs
      Net Machine – includes hydraulic and coolant tanks, combine for export shipment      7,350 lbs
      Gross Machine – includes hydraulic and coolant tanks, combine for export shipment      9,575 lbs

Equipped with: 

•      Automatic Feeding & Discharge Systems