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E-Coat System, TTX SST Cathodic, 18 Stg, AIS, LLC owned, 3' W x 6'H x 9'10" L

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E-Coat System, TTX SST Cathodic, 18 Stg, AIS, LLC owned, 3' W x 6'H x 9'10" L
18-Stage TTX SST Electrocoat System

The TTX SST Cathodic E-Coat system is owned by AIS, LLC and was installed new in 2004/02. The system will be refurbished cosmetically and mechanically as required for operation. New field wiring will be installed along with a large portion of plumbing. The system can be provided on an equipment only basis or provided with as a turn-key installed system. This system is removed and ready for shipment. Please inquire for a full spec sheet.

TTX SST Electrocoat System –Design Data

Type of System:      Indexing Phosphate/E-Coat System

Work Envelope:             3’-0” wide x 6’-0” high x 9’-10” long

SST Load:        1 Wide Load, 2 Narrow Loads

Maximum Load Area:       615 Square Feet (Wide Load)

Instantaneous Capacity:            308 Square Feet per min.

Average Capacity:            205 Square Feet per min.
                        12,320 Square Feet per hour

Maximum Weight Load:      33,000 lbs per hour, parts, load bar, & hangers

Carrier Weight Load:            1,650 lbs/825 lbs (wide/narrow) load, load bar, & hangers

Production Rate:             20 wide or 40 narrow Load Bars per hour

Cycle Time:                  3 Minutes per Load Bar
                        2 Min.immersion, 1 min. drain & transfer


15-Stage Pretreatment, E-Coat, 2-Stage Post Rinse, Cure Oven, Cool Down

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