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GEAR HOBBING MACHINERY (Hobbers), For Bevel, Helical, Spur & Worm Gears

Lees-Bradner #7HD, gear hobber, good condition

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Lees-Bradner #7HD, gear hobber, good condition
We have 2 of these identical machines, the year is 1968, The manuals might be in the electrical box, if not I can get them from Lees-Bradner
Cosmoline on all exposed metal, 240 volts 3 phase, but can be wired for 480 as well.

Max. Pitch Diameter 8 W/2" Hob
Max. Pitch Diameter 7 W/3" Hob
Max. Face Width 10"
Maximum Helix Angle 45 Degrees
Maximum Hob OD 4"
Maximum Hob Length 4"
Minimum Number of Teeth Cut 3
Maximum DP 4
Axial Travel 12"
Hob to Work Spindle Face Maximum 15-3/8"
Hob to Work Spindle Face Minimum 3-3/8"
Hob to Work Minimum 1/2"

Floor Space 66" x 64" x 96"
Height 79.5"
Approximate Weight 10,000 lbs

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