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6000 Amp. Cat emergency generator set paralleling (EGP) switchgear, EMCP 3.S, 600 V.

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EGP Switchgear
E mergency G enerator P aralleling (EGP)
Switchgear with EMCP 3.S for up to 5 standard
configurable engine generator sets.
œ Automatic Start, Synchronize, Parallel and
Load Share on a common bus
œ Main Lugs Output to feed downstream
emergency distribution switchboard
œ Optional Emergency Distribution CBs
œ Load shed/add
œ Generator priority demand
œ For use with multiple downstream Automatic
Transfer Switches (ATS)
œ Cat generator set paralleling switchgear
is designed to integrate with Cat Automatic
Transfer Switches. EGP is optionally available
with direct communication to ATSs to provide
“fingertip ”control and monitoring of all your
facility ATSs from one convenient central location
EMCP 3.S brings the power and reliability of
microprocessor technology to your generator
power application. Through the use of the
operator interface touchscreen display with easy
to follow graphical presentations, the EMCP 3.S
product merges the features of:
œ Power Monitoring
œ Switchgear Automation
œ Optional Remote Communications
Caterpillar generator set paralleling switchgear
has eliminated the single point of failure found
in some controller schemes by integrating the
1.) True distributed control processors for each
power source ensures the system continues
to operate even if a single processor fails.
2.) Cat generator set paralleling switchgear
uses moving master technology.
Master control functions, such as, modes
of operation, load shed controls, generator
demand priority controls, and de-energize bus
logic, reside in the generator #1 EMCP 3.S.
If generator #1 controller fails for any reason,
the master control functions are automatically
transferred to the next generator controller.
Each generator controller is redundant to the
first. As long as a generator set is available,
Cat generator set paralleling switchgear will
automatically bring it to the bus.
3.) If the touchscreen fails, an “Instant Auto”
switch is provided to place all software
controls in the Auto position, protecting
your facility from power outages.
4.) Distributed manual control in case the
automation feature fails.
5.) Redundant networks (for 12" screens
and above)
Cat® generator set paralleling switchgear has
been designed to integrate with Cat EMCP3
generator set controls. Now you can get greater
efficiency, reliability and dependability all in one
package, exclusively from your Caterpillar dealer.
Available in both low- and medium-voltage
systems applications (up to 15 kV). EMCP 3.S is
an advanced, multifaceted microprocessor-based
control found exclusively in Cat generator set
paralleling switchgear.