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PUMPSCENTRIFUGALS (Including Boiler Feed Pumps)

1460 GPM @ 1934' TDH, Bingham, 6x8x12MSB, 4 stg, 3646rpm, c/w Wauk Nat.gas driver (2 available)

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(TWO)completely skid mounted NATURAL GAS ENGINE DRIVEN PUMP PACKAGE(s) to be used for pumping Crude Oil into a pipeline.
Each pre-packaged system utilizes (1) horizontal split case pump, (1) gear increaser, (1) natural gas fueled
engine with radiator cooling, (1) control panel with installed instruments (engine/gear/pump), all mounted on a
structural steel skid.
PUMP – Bingham model 6x8x12 MSB 5 stage horizontal split case
centrifugal pump rated 50,000 BPD (1460 gpm) @ 1934’ tdh (670 psid/.80 SG) & 3560 rpm. BHP is 722 hp.
Pump construction is in accordance with API S-1 materials.
GEAR INCREASER – Flender or equal parallel shaft speed increaser with 2:1 ratio,
input speed 1800 rpm/output speed 3600 rpm, 1.5 AGMA service factor. The gear assembly includes a cast
iron, double helical carburized precision hobbed gear elements, split sleeve babbit bearings, cast iron shaft
driven main oil pump, and self contained lube system.
ENGINE – a radiator cooled new Waukesha L36GSI Natural Gas Engine rated 800 hp @1800 rpm. Engine includes standard engine gage panel, Custom engine control engine detonation sensing
module, gas/air starter, flexible exhaust fitting, muffler.
INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROLS – Instrumentation & controls are supplied to insure proper operation
and protection of the equipment supplied. All controls/instruments meet Class 1, Div. 2, Grps. C & D Areas.
Instrumentation included per the P&ID 2273-EPF-1108:
Differential pressure transmitter across the inlet strainer
Suction piping pressure transmitter & local gage
Discharge piping pressure transmitter & local gage
Suction strainer
Pump inboard bearing temperature element
Pump vibration transmitter
Pump outboard bearing temperature element
Optionally, IFS has offered the following recommended Pump/Gearbox/Engine protection system:
High engine jacket water temp.
Engine overspeed
Low/high gearbox oil pressure
High engine oil temperature
Low engine oil pressure
High engine vibration
High pump vibration
High gearbox vibration
Engine jacket water temperature
Gearbox oil temperature
Engine oil temperature
Engine oil pressure
Fuel Pressure
ANNUNICATOR – Murphy TTDJ 32 point fault annunicator
RADIATOR – a fan cooled engine heat exchanger (radiator) designed for engine jacket water heat load of 47,500 btu/min. The secondary radiator section is designed for engine intercooler circuit
heat load of 3337 btu/min. A scab radiator section is designed for gearbox heat load of 1217 btu/min.
VALVES/PIPING –also included are the following valves and piping:
Suction Valve, Ball, Trunnion, 2-Piece Bolted Body Parts, 10 in, Std Bore (Std Pattern), 600# Flanged RF
(ANSI B16.5), CS 1.2/CS 1.1/Carbon Filled Nylon, Gear Oper.
Discharge Valve, Ball, Trunnion, 2-Piece Bolted Body Parts, 8 in, Std Bore (Std Pattern), 600# Flanged RF
(ANSI B16.5), CS 1.2/CS 1.1/Carbon Filled Nylon, Wrench Oper.
Discharge Check Valve, Swing, 8 in, 600# Flanged RF (ANSI B16.5), CS 1.1/SS 410 (CA15)/Stellite,
STRUCTURAL STEEL SKID – a structural steel skid designed in accordance with AWS D1.1 and fabricated by qualified ASME welders. Perimeter & all main structural members are W10x60 wide