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Innovative Laser #ILT-3000 109253, laser welder, 2008

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Innovative Laser #ILT-3000 109253, laser welder, 2008
ILT 3000 CDRH Class I Workstation
60 I" wide base with X & Z axes mounted overhead
on the bidge & pneumatic vertical front enlosure door.
X axis 24" Aerotech Model ATS5000
Y axis 12" Aerotech Model ATS165
Z axis 12" Aerotech Model ATS165
All axis with brushless servo motor & inline motor mount
and brake
Supply of an IPG YLR-300-SM-WC watt CW, single mode,
water cooled, Fiber laser. This includes a 5M Fiber Optic
Cable and F83 collimator.
Laser mechanisms beam delivery train with quick change cartidge
mounted focusing lens & protection cover slide assemblies
including the following focusing lenses: 150mm FL Lens & 100mm FL Lens
ILT's manual flow control shield gas delivery, progamable on/off
ILT's coaxial nozzle for use with the Laser Mechanisms focusing
assembly and 2 lenses.

System currently has a 12" x 32" AL top plate installed
Purex Exhaust & Filtration system
HMI-2200 Laser Process Controller - user friendly
Serial infterface to the laser including pulse shaping
ILT's Advanced Data Management
Custom control keys for user interface customixstion
ILT's firewire live video coaxial viewing system with display
on HMI-2200 monitor
Manually controlled part lighting sstem including a light source with
fiber delivery and a 2" diameer ring light mounted to ILT's coaxial
gas nozzle

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