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50 HP Columbia WL Vert., 15/30 psi, dual fuel, reconditioned, warranty

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General Specifications
HP: 50 HP
Manufacturer: columbia
Pounds per Square Inch: 15 PSI
Stock #: Multiple

Dealer Information
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Powerhouse Boiler Equipment
240 Creek Rd
Delanco, NJ 08075

Contact: Nick Manzi
Tel: 800-377-8326
Fax: 856-764-3330
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Detailed Description
Brand: Columbia
Type: Vertical, Water Tube
Capacity: 50 HP
Pressure: 15 PSIG, 30 PSIG
Electricity: 120v/1ph
Fuel: #2 Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas Combination
Max GPM: 6.5
Max Delta T: 100 F

The Columbia WL Series Boiler is a versatile commercial boiler available in sizes from 20 hp to 60 hp, 15 psi steam or 30 psi water. Boilers come with reliable Beckett burners firing either #2 oil, natural gas or LPG. Boiler is constructed to strict ASME, Section 1 standards governing pressure vessels. Complete packaged boiler includes rugged shell and insulated steel jacket mounted on steel skid.

This boiler is perfect for any application requiring hydronic heating, instantaneous clean hot water or low pressure steam processing. Unit is easy to install as all connections are made on the outside of the unit. Complete trim including controls and valving included with every boiler.

Other features of the Columbia WL series include the ability to fit through a standard doorway, greater than 80% efficiency, easy cleaning when necessary and and an attractive design.