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Reishauer #RZ301AS, 13" CNC, metric/inch Conversational control, #16251 (3 available)

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Stock Dividing
CNC Conversational Control with Color Screen. Interface for Automatic Work
Failure Diagnostics.
Measuring System: Metrics and Inches
SPAS Gringing-Wheel Profiling & Face Dressing Device (Purged Air)
SBS Wheel Balancing System W/Readout on Machine
Automatic Compensation of Dressing Amount
Automatic Shifting
Bibus Hydraulic Unit
Oil Mist Exhaust System
Electrical Control Panel and Drawings
Assortment of Change Gears for Dressing System
Misc. Tooling and Accessories
Hydraulic Work Clamping Fixture for Work Spindle
Full Operators Manual and Parts Manual


Max. Outside Diameter of Gears: 13"
Min. Root Diameter: 0.4"
Max. Wheel Travel: 7"
Diametral Pitch Range: 48 to 4 DP
Number of Teeth: 10-600
Standard Center Distance: 16.5"
Max. Center Distance Available: 28.3"
Max. Helix Angle: /-45 degrees
Max. Weight of Workpiece (incl. weight of Grinding Arbor):132 lbs
Grinding Wheel Speeds: 1100-1900 rpm
Feed Range of Workpiece: 2.36"-.12"
Automatic Infeed of Grinding Slide: 3.94"-.4"
Max. Infeed: .39"
Max. Tangential Adjustment: 3.5"
Electrics: 380V/50 HZ
Grinding Wheel Drive: 5 HP
Workpiece Drive: 3 HP
Floor Space Required: 204"x264"x91"
Weight Approx.: 14,540 lbs.