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Criterion (3) module tube fabrication work cell, bend, drilling/piercing station ions, #1556

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#1556      Criterion (3) Module Tube Fabrication Work Cell

Model: Bend Cell
Mfg: 7/2004

This cell is designed to bend, pierce and drill square tube used for roll cages in the agricultural, construction and recreational vehicle industries.

1. Compression Bend Station
      Tooling for 2" x 3" and 2" x 4" x 3/16" Wall Tube
      Bend Radius 5"
      Criterion Hydraulic Square Tube Compression Bender & Former with 4” Capacity
      Work Holding Fixture

2. Drilling Station
      (2) Drill Heads
      Part Clamping System
      Coolant System
      Suhnrr Monomaster Double-End Horizontal Drilling Machine
      Hydraulic Clamping, Type BEM20-125, sn: 891

3. Piercing Station
      (5) Station Mandrel Type Press
      Criterion Vertical Punching Machine, 4-Post Design
      12” x 28” Work Area
      28” Between Housings
      5 Punching Stations
      A/B Panel View 550 PC Control

Equipped With:
PLC Control System; Self Contained Hydraulic Power Supply; Tooling for 2" x 3" x 3/16" and 2" x 4" x 3/16" Tube; Complete set of Drawings for entire Cell

Cell was installed in July 2004, at a cost of $280,000.00