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Gleason #17A, 20" max. diameter, 1200 RPM

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Gleason Model 17A Hypoid Gear Tester

S/N: 25575                  

Designed to Test The Running Qualities Of Straight Bevel, Zero Bevel, Spiral Bevel, And Hypoid Gears Whose Shafts Intersect At 90 Degrees.

Hydraulic Clamping. Automatic Backlash.

Offset Of Gear Spdl. Above Or Below Center Of Pinion Spdl 3.5" Max.
Distance From Center Of Gear Spdl. To Nose Of Pinion Spdl 12" Max., 6" Min.
Distance From Center Of Pinion Spdl. To Nose Of Gear Spdl 7.75" Max.,4-1/8" Min.
Max. Pitch Diameter 17"
Diameter Of Gear, Max. 20"
Speed Of Drive Spindle 1200 RPM
Motor Required 5 HP
Floor Space 60" x 73"
Net weight 5300 lbs

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