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2500 KW Ruston, 900 RPM, 4160 V., NG or low BTU fuel, 400 hrs (2 available)

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General Specifications

KW: 2500
Manufacturer: Ruston
Volts: 4160 - 4160
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

2.5MW Ruston Generator Sets
for sale (2 units) 60Hz.

The generator package consists of (2) V16 Ruston Engines directly coupled to (2) 2500 KW Baylor AC generators. Each generator is mounted on a separate skid. Also included are various pieces of ancillary equipment and documents. A list of the major pieces and specifications includes the following:

Serial Numbers for the Ruston Engines: Jennifer Elizabeth

(2) V16 RUSTON engines model # 16RK3C
(2) 2.5 MW BAYLOR AC generators model # G855RNV-519
(2) 5KV 200 Amp generator grounding cubicles (switch gears)
(1) Reciprocating compressor c/w 750 gallon tank
(1) packed scrubber tower
(2) silencers
(2) 16,500 liter oil tanks
(2) Radiators

This ALMOST NEW generator package was commissioned by Siemens in May 2000 and operated only a few hours before the project was cancelled. It is located in, Canada at a major international border crossing complete with rail, truck and ship loading facilities.

Each Baylor AC generator is rated as follows: 3 PHASE, 4160 VOLTS, 60 HZ, 900 RPM, 2500KW, 3125 KVA, 0.8 PF, 434 AMPS.
Each Ruston V16 engine has been modified to operate on tail gas which is a low calorific value waste gas. Conversion to operate on natural gas can be readily achieved.

Operating on other fuels such as propane, methane, or other waste gases is also possible. Each engine is an air start requiring 375 psig air and a high cetane starter fuel which was switched to standard diesel once the engine was hot. The fuel source could then be switched to Methane gas.

The modifications include reducing the compression ratio from 11.7:1 to 8.8:1 by installing new pistons and changing the valves and seats and installing turbochargers etc...