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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, Includes VTL's (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment)

66" Bullard Dynatrol, VTL, 66" maximum swing w/side work.position, u/power, #23602

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66" Bullard Dynatrol Vertical Boring Mill Re:23602

Reference #: 23602
Manufacturer: Bullard
Model: 66
Max swing w/side head working: 66"
Swing w/s-head below table top: 72"
Min hole ram will enter: 78"
Centerline Ram-face of bedways: 9-1/2" w/o turret
Cross rail travel: 131"
Ram head vert travel (ranges): 50"
Side head vertical travel: 51-3/8"
Side head horizontal travel: 58-1/4"
Net weight w/cross rail: 74,000 lbs less heads/motors

Still installed, this Mill is in very good working condition and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.
It comes complete with Vertical Hydraulic Chuck,
"9" Series Allen Bradley Controls, Side Head and a 75hp Main motor drive.