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UPSETTERS (Also See Bulldozers)

2" Hill-Acme XN, ball forge, auto.fd, 4-fd.rolls, 90ppm, up to 3" balls, #23694

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2-1/2" Hill Acme Model XN Automatic
Single Blow Solid Die Ball Forging Machine Re:23694

Reference #: 23694
Manufacturer: Hill Acme
Model: 2.5XN

Max ball dia produced: 3"
Nominal bar rating: 2.5"
Minimum ball dia produced: 1"
Header slide length: 70"
Main motor power: 19kW (25hp)
Forging pressure: 390 tons
Max production per minute: 100 bpm
Dimensions: 162" L x 88" W x 75" H
Net weight: 62,700 lbs

Complete with:
• 4-Feed-Roll Feed Box
• Auto Cut & Transfer System
• Fully Continuous Operation for Hi-Speed Production of Balls & similar components

Note: This Machine will produce up to 3” diameter Balls