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Danieli/Pomini, 150000 Tpy, 8-20mm diameterReBar Mill, 130x130mm billets, revamped, #23209

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150,000 Tpy Danieli & Pomini
8 - 20mm ReBar Rolling Mill Line Re:23209

Reference #: 23209
Manufacturer: Danieli & Pomini

Max rebar diameter: 20mm
Min rebar diameter: 8mm
Billet size up to: 130 x 130 x 3,500mm
Rebar length range: 6 - 12 mtrs
Max finishing speed: 18 m\s for 8 mm dia
Total installed power: 5,000kW (6,700hp)
ReHeating furnace capacity: 25 tons/hour
# of Loop Formers btwn stands: six (6)
Cooling bed dims: 30 x 8mtrs
Mill capacity per hour: 25 tons/hour

This Rebar Rolling Mill is suitable to produce rebars 8-20 mm diameter. We are offering it fully revamped and integrated with several new components where necessary, completed with fully updated electrical and electronic systems.

Hourly production:
• 18-t\h rolling 8 mm diameter
• 25-t\h rolling 10 mm diameter
• 30-t\h rolling 16-20 mm diameter

This Mill consists of the following components:
• ReHeat Furnace (not included within our offer)
• Pusher type Billet Charger
• Roller table type Billet Charger
• Billet pushing device
• Billet Discharging Device (for auto discharging)
• 3-Hi Roughing mill 450 x 1,200mm w/1,000kW DC drive
• Roughing stand billet manipulation systems
• Pomini Tandem Inter. Mill 410 (2) 2-Hi Stands 430 x 800mm
• Head and tail flying shear CVS 40
• Danieli Tandem Inter. Mill 350 (2) 2-Hi Stands 370 x 700mm
• Danieli Inter. Mill 320 (Stand #'s 4,5,6,7) (4) 2-Hi Stands 340 x 700mm
• Lube unit (common for four stands)
• Head and tail flying shear CVS 20
• Danieli Finishing Mill DL 300 (N° 2 Stands cont) 320 x 600mm
• Danieli Finishing Mill DL 250 (N° 4 Stands cont) 270 x 480mm
• Lube unit (common for four two stands)
• Loop formers between the rolling stands (N° 6 units)
• Cut to length devices downstream from the finishing mill
• Tail pinch rolls \ brakes
• Twin channel
• Cooling bed
• Roller way at the cooling bed exit side
• Danieli CM 150 type Cold Shear (150t)
• Roller way at the cold shear exit side
• Layers transfer to the binding devices
• Bundle forming devices and roller table
• Binding Machine
• Roller table at the binding machine exit side
• Bundles Collecting cradles
• Electric\ electronic devices
Spare Parts:
• One set of guides for each stand
• One set of blades for each shear
• One set of rolls for any pinch-roll
• One set of chocks supporting the rolling cylinders for any stand of the two continuous lines
• One Hot Metal detector
• One Hot Loop detector
• Belts, small roller bearings, pulleys or other parts available and not utilized during the reconditioning of the plant
Engineering Data:
• Foundations drawings
• Assembly drawings
• Wearing parts drawings
• Pneumatic schemes
• Hydraulic schemes
• Roll pass design
• Vendor list
• Operating instructions
Guarantee outlined on Request

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