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Rebar mill, 120000 Tpy 10-25mm dia, 120mm sq.billets, 25T/H reheat furance, 90' s, #23489

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Rebar mill, 120000 Tpy 10-25mm dia, 120mm sq.billets, 25T/H reheat furance, 90' s, #23489
120,000 Tpy Bar/ReBar Rolling Mill capable of rolling 10 - 25mm dia finished product Re:23489

Reference #: 23489

dia capacity range: 10 - 25mm
Finished product length: up to 12 mtrs
Inlet billet size: up to 120 x 120mm
Inlet billet length: 2 mtrs ± 10 mm
Camber (bow): Max 15mm in 2,000mm length
Rhomboidity (right angularity): Less than 3%
Twist: Less than 1 degree per meter
Temp of discharged billet: 1,100〬C
Cooling bed length: 55 mtrs (180 ft)
Total installed Mill power: 3,000kW (4,023hp)

General features:
Built new in the 1990's, this Mill is provided with necessary equipment for rolling bars. Capacity of the Mill is 120,000 tons/y. Production ratio of the different bar sizes can be selected by choice, according to distinct market demands.

It comes equipped with a 25tons/hr, top fired, Pusher type Reheating Furnace which utilizes energy saving technology and easy operation procedures.

Arrangement of mill stands is Tandem Horizontal.

The Roughing Mill, Intermediate Mill and Finishing Mill are all driven by AC motors with Control SYS. The total capacity of AC motors is 3,000kW (4,023hp).

Low tension rolling is applied by Loop Control System in the Finishing mill depending on the size of the products.

The Mill has previously produced 10, 12, 16, 20, 22 & 25mm ReBar.

Actual rolling speed is 11mtrs/sec (2,165fpm).

The Rolling Mill comprises a total of 11 stands(17 pass), divided into a roughing stand (7 pass), an intermediate train with 6 stands (6 pass) and a finishing train with 4 stands (4 pass).

The Mill has been dismantled and revamped and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.

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