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GRINDERS, ROLL (Also See Grinders, Cylindrical, Plain)

50" /63" x 352" Farrell, 2-whl.hds, 20" x3" whls, updated DC controls, in plant, 1973, #10073

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50" /63" x 352" Farrell, 2-whl.hds, 20" x3" whls, updated DC controls, in plant, 1973, #10073
PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA €&bvrbar;€&bvrbar; $39,500.00 Net As Is

Stock # 10073-P
Serial # 73A1037
New 1973
Model: 50/63"

The following information was provided by the manufacturer.
Machine Size:
Roll Diameter Ground on Centerline with Full Size Wheel:
50" Max., 8" Min., Solid Roll x 100 Ton Weight Capacity
Roll Diameter Ground Above Center: 72" Max.
Maximum Concavity of Roll Diameter: 1.380"
Maximum Crown of Roll Diameter: 1.380"
Headstock Work Speeds: 6 to 24 RPM
Wheelhead Traverse: Bi-Directional
Grinding Wheel (Stone): 20" Dia. X 3" Face
Grinding Wheel Speed Range: 360/1070 RPM
Surface Speed Range of Full Size Wheel: 1885/5600 FPM
Roll Nominal Face Length: 352"
Grinding Wheel Traverse Length: 31' 4-3/4"
Grinding Wheel Max. Size: 20" Dia. X 3" Face
One Turn of Tilt Infeed Handwheel: .017 Wheel Infeed
Total Range Tilt Infeed: .415 Wheel Infeed
Wheel Infeed: .001/.010 IPM
One Turn of Manual Infeed Handwheel: .083 Wheel Infeed
Carriage Ways on Centers: 5' 6"
Overall Length of Carriage: 7' 4"
Carriage Traverse Speeds: 1.4 to 60 IPM

Belt Grinding Attachment for Each Head
Air Tensioning of Grinding Belt on Head
Variable Crowning Roll Drive (Change Gears Required)
(2) Manual Plotting Roll Calipers (Large & Small)
(2) 3 Bearing Adjustable Neck Roll Support Rests
(1) V Roll Support - Non Adjustable
(2) Large Roll Supports - Non Adjustable
(1) Universal Drive Shaft Assembly
Assorted Spare Parts
Large Assortment of Rubber Faced Contact Wheels
Tilt Infeed Precision Hand Wheel for Finish Grinding - Per Head
Other Assorted Work Tables and Support Brackets
Swing Rest Feature
Cam Type Crowning for Each Grinding Wheel Head
Crowning from 30 through 180 Degrees in Half Angle Increments via Change Gears
Screw Driven Carriage
1 Piece Bed Design
Inverted V Ways with Constant Flow Lubrication System
Year 2000 Electrical Controls Retrofit by GE with GE Fanuc Power Mate I-D Control
Adjustable Speed Workhead Drive Via DC Motor
DC Variable Speed Carriage Feeds
Grinding Wheel Motor: 15 HP
Headstock Motor: 25 HP
Traverse Motor: 5 HP
Tilt Feed Motor: 1/6 HP
Assorted Operational Manuals, Books, Schematics and Drawings
Catalog Specifications; Subject to Verification and Change
Current Factory Information see Ford City, PA USA

Overall Size of Major Pieces:
Base: 7' Wide x 41' 5" Long x 34" High x 72,900 Lbs.
Grinding Carriage w/ Heads: 147" x 99" x 68" High x 20,000 Lbs.
Tank: 56" x 49" x 60" x ? Lbs.
Drive Unit: 54" x 63" x 73" x ? Lbs.
Electrical Panel: 60" x 22" x 88" High x ? Lbs.
Electrical Panel: 97" x 45" x 85" High x ? Lbs.
Drive Motor: 58" x 42" x 48" x ? Lbs.
Plus 23  /- Skids of Parts and Accessories

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