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Amada Pulsar #LC1212NT, laser, 4000 watt, 2007, #8756

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Amada Pulsar #LC1212NT, laser, 4000 watt, 2007, #8756
Our stock number: 8756

Pulsar 1212NT Standard Features

The Pulsar 1212NT 4,000W Production Laser System continues
to combine the latest developments in machine, CNC and laser resonator
technologies. In contrast to the traditional "jack-of-all-trades" laser-cutting machine, the Pulsar 1212NT is a specialist in high production of short run sheet metal parts.
Synchronized stainless steel rollers and a high speed capacitive head provide high throughput of scratch-free stainless and aluminum parts.
Stealth clamps reduce dead zones and maximize material utilization.

Full machine width work chute automatically unloads large parts and allows flexibility in the location of the lead-in/lead-out points. The machine configuration allows several parts to be unloaded simultaneously, increasing throughput.

The high speed CNC incorporates a cutting data library and available network interface. The advanced, turbine driven, RF excited, fast axial flow CO2 laser automatically calibrates itself at power-up, ensuring parameter repeatability.

Requires less than half the floor space of previous generation Production Laser Systems, with the material moving in only one direction, the laser mounted on the frame and a pendant mount control system

Technical Specifications

Motion Package
Travel Method X axis for work piece movement, Y axis for cutting head movement
Control Method X, Y & Z simultaneous 3 axis control and B axis
Drive Motors FANUC AC Servo (X, Y, Z, and B)
Maximum Sheet Size 50.0" (Y) x 100.0" (X) with one repositioning cycle
Maximum Axis Travel 50.0" (Y) x 50.0" (X) x 11.8" (Z) x 0.78" (B)
Maximum Cutting Speed 787 IPM
Maximum Table Speed 3,149 IPM per axis (4,454 IPM 45 vector)
Maximum Speed Z-Axis 2,362 IPM
Positioning Accuracy 0.0004"/20"
Repeatability 0.0004"
Maximum Material Weight 484 lbs. (4' x 8' x 3/8" or 4' x 6' x 1/2")
Number of Clamps 2
Work Chute 58" (Y) x 21" (X)
Assist Gas Automatic 4 ports with NC pressure Control
Machine Size 123.0" x 100.0" x 86.5"
Machine Weight 12,232 lbs. including laser resonator
Electrical Requirements 208 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Laser Power 4000 watts
CNC Controller
Model AMNC-F
Display LCD Color Graphics Display
Control Function X, Y, Z-Axis Simultaneous and Focus Lens B-axis, and Laser Power control (CW, Gated Pulse, Pierce Routines etc.).
Data Input Method Touch screen, Keyboard, Ethernet, Wireless, CD, USB, 3" Floppy disk
Minimum Command Unit 0.0001" (X, Y, Z)
Minimum Travel Unit 0.0001" (X, Y, Z)
Standard Memory 1 MB
Optional Memory 2 MB
Hard Drive 10 GB
Operating Modes Automatic and Manual
Display Modes Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Settings, Parameters, Beam Diameter Compensation, Assist Gas Status, Self Diagnostics Interlock Displays Cooling Water Status, Gas Pressure Status, Vacuum Status, Turbo Blower Malfunction, Shutter Status, Beam Power, Resonator Discharge, Mirror, Cover Interlock
Electrical requirements See Motion Package

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