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16" x 40" x 32" Skoda 4-hi cold reversing, 1.5-8mm thick, 1250 ton sep force, #23620

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16" x 40" x 32" Skoda 4-hi cold reversing, 1.5-8mm thick, 1250 ton sep force, #23620
16" x 40" x 32" Skoda 4-Hi Reversing Cold
Rolling Mill w/Power UnCoiler/Coiler Re:23620

Reference #: 23620
Manufacturer: Skoda
Model: KSK 90 - 430/1030 - 800

Input thickness range: 8.0 - 1.5mm
Input width range: 260 - 640mm
Output thickness range: 0.4 - 3.0mm
Mill separating force: 1,250,000 kgs (2,755,750 lbs)
Work roll dia: 400 - 430mm
BackUp roll dia: 980 - 1,030mm
Roll face width: 800mm
UnCoiler power: 760kW (1,020hp)
Coiler power: 760kW (1,020hp)
Mill Stand Power: 1,770kW (2,375hp)

Built new in the 1980's and still installed, this Mill is in very good condition and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.

Material previously rolled: Copper

This Mill includes the following Line Components:
• Power UnCoiler with 760kW (1,020hp) Drive
• Power Coiler with 760kW (1,020hp) Drive
• 4-Hi Mill Stand with 1,770kW (2,375hp) Drive
• Strip Leveler at entry side of Mill
• Mill Entry and Delivery Guide
• Roll Changing Device
• Entry Tensioin Reel
• Delivery Tension Reel
• Hydraulic Roll Positioning (Screw Down Device)
• Complete Electrical and Electronic Systems
• Gear Lube and Circulating Lubrication Systems
• Roll Coolant System
• Spare Rolls and Chocks
• Mill Hyd' System
• Aux' Hyd' System
• Valve Stand
• Fume Exhaust System
• Oil Sump Venilation system
• Sump Drainage Pump

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