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Westinghouse, F2100 Type W Advantage FVR FVNR feeder circuit breaker 2 speed VFD

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Type W

1965-1975 A200 series starters
B200 Series Starters
Max rating 3 ph 600v 400hp 2500A Bus
MCP HFB FB EHB KA JA KB LB LA MA NB series breakers
Slider operator
13 1/2 inch door width
Maximum Ratings:
3 Phase, 60v, 600 HP, 2500A Bus
UL Labeled
Size 1-5 Starter Units
Tin-Plated Copper Stab Assembly
Upgradeable to Freedom or ADVANTAGE
Solid State Communication Capability
Reduced Coil Wear
H or FH type heaters (A200)
No Heater (Advantage)
Built-in Over-Current and Ground Fault Protection (Advantage)
Lighting contactor bucket inserts
Motor Starter combination bucket inserts
AC Drives
Lighting panels
Reduced voltage starters
Transformer Inserts

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