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82500 PPH Nebraska O-Type, 350 psi, #2/Gas, reconditioned, warranty (2)

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82500 PPH Nebraska O-Type, 350 psi, #2/Gas, reconditioned, warranty (2)
Brand: Cleaver Brooks, Nebraska
Product Year: 2004
Type: Stock Boiler, Water Tube
Capacity: 82,500 PPH
Pressure: 350 PSIG
Electricity: 208v/3ph, 230v/3ph, 480v/3ph, 575v3ph
Fuel: #2 Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas Combination
Burner: Todd - Full Modulation
Auxiliaries: ALWCO, Air Compressor, Blowdown Valves, Feedwater Stop & Check Valves, LWCO, Modulating Feedwater Valve, Oil Pump, Pressure Gauge, Safety Valves, Site Glass with Gauge Cocks, Steam Gauge
Controls: Alarms, BMS, Flame Detector, Flame Safeguard, Indicating Lights, Limit Switches, Motor Starters, Relays
Optional: Boiler Feedwater System, Boiler Stub Stack, Economizer, Electrical Switch Gear

Cleaver Brooks/Nebraska O-type watertube boiler – 82,500 PPH steam output at 350 PSIG. Todd dual-fuel burner capable of firing #2 Oil and Natural Gas.

This boiler is part of Cleaver Brook’s O-type watertube boiler series. Model #NOS-2A/S-64.

Unit constructed under ASME Code, Section 1 for pressure-vessel design. Boiler is completely mounted, wired and piped on a structural steel skid with all water, utility and drain connections easily accessible.

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