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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, CNC (Including Vertical Lathes- VTL & Vertical Turning Centers)

315" (8m) D-F #CK5280 (China), 118" (3m) U/R, option C-Axis, new

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Max. Machining diameter 8000mm
Max. Machining height 3000mm
Diameter of worktable 6300mm
Max. Load of worktable 150ton
Worktable turning speed 0 - 15 RPM
Tool post quantity 2
Vertical traverse of the ram on tool post(Z axis) 2100mm
Feed range of the ram on tool post(Z axis)0 - 3000mm/min
Feed range of the slide on tool post(X axis)0 - 3000mm/min
Cross rail traverse (up/down) 2000mm
Cross rail travel speed(up/down) 300mm/min
Ram section dimension 330 x 330mm
Gantry travel speed 0 - 300mm/min
Main motor power 75 kW
Overall dimension(L X W X H) 11000×9000×8000(mm)
Machine weight 195 ton