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9'6" x 9'7" APV Anhydro #CD-160 spray dryer system, Stainless Steel, 7.5 HP, 1987, #29329

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One (1) used 9'6" APV Anhydro spray dryer, type III #6, 9'6" diameter, 9'7" straight side, flat bottom, stainless steel construction, model CB-160 Anhydro centrifugal atomizer with 5 HP AC motor, bottom and side air broom with 7.5 HP blower and steam coil, gas fired air make up system with burner and gas train, size 800 primary stainless steel cyclone collector with 20 HP blower, size 450 secondary stainless steel cyclone collector with 7.5 HP blower, size 27 Ducon stainless steel scrubber, JOB# P-4572, new 1987.