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Ionics, de-ionizer water purification system, #29626

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Used USP Purified Water System Composed Of The Following: (1) Pre-Treatment System With Multi-Media Filter, Break Tank, Multi-Stage Booster Pump, Dual Tank Water Softener, Brine Tank, Dual Activated Carbon Beds, And Dual 5-Micron Filters. (1) Primary Treatment System With (4) 500,000 Nmw High-Efficiency Filters, Dual Reverse Osmosis Unit With Conductivity/Resistivity Meter, 500 Gallon RO Water Storage Tank, Loop Circulation Pump, Mixed Bed Deionization Unit, And Dual Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit. (1) Final Filtration System With (4) 10,000 Nmw Ultra Filters. System Purifies Incoming Municipal Water Through The Use Of Carbon Adsorption, Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Uv Irradiation, And Various Levels Of Filtration To Provide Water That Meets Or Exceeds Quality Standards Specified In Usp 26Nf21 For Purified Waters. Continuously Operating System Designed To Be Capable Of Removing Most Dissolved Solids, Ions, Microorganisms, And Endotoxins Present In The Starting Water Supply To Provide Water Of Suitable Quality For Use In Support Of Manufacturing Process.