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2000 KW Gen. Elec., 600 psig, 850°F, 4" hg.abs, 10059/1200 RPM 450/3/60 2 ea, used

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2000KW Ship’s Service Turbo-Generator

Design Power: 2000KW
Model: DRV-718, 7 Stage, 10,059/1,200RPM With Hydraulic Speed Governor
Steam Conditions: 585psig Inlet, 855˚F Total Temperature, 4” Hg Abs Exhaust
Total Steam To Condenser: 20,600#/Hour At Full Power
Guaranteed Steam Rate: 10.3 #/KW/Hour
First Critical Speed: 3,960RPM, 2nd Critical Speed: 14,000RPM
G.E. Flyweight-Pilot Valve System to Main Valves
PMA Pickup, Back Pressure Trip, Emergency Over-speed Trip
Steam Inlet: 3” 600#ASA RF Flange
Steam Exhaust: 28” 150#ASA Flange
Oil Cooler: Andale, 29.6 Square Feet
Reduction Gear: Type S-535A
Ratio: 8.3823:1, Single Reduction, Single Helix
Generator: Plan 7004F60, Type ATI
Frame 996, 6 Pole, 450/3/60, 3208 Line Amps
0.8 Power Factor, Air To Water Cooling, Mfg. General Electric

Total Weight: 41,000# (Estimated)
132-1/4” Long By 72-1/2”” Wide By 91-1/2” High
2 Used

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