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B & G Products, 4 mold blow molding machine, 38" heater length, 2002, #1447

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: b & g products
Stock #: 1447

Dealer Information
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Charleston Annex Corporation
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Indian Trail, NC 28079
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Contact: Michael Wolfe
Tel: 704-821-7370
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Detailed Product Description

B&G Plastics 4-Mold Blow Molding Machine

Manufacturer: B&G
Model: BGP-RHBXT-4-36
Year: 2002
Condition: Very Good

Preform Heater Section:            
Heater Length:            38" (965mm)
Number of Heating Stations:      14
Equillbrations Length-Max:      26" (660mm)
-Min:      16" (406mm)
Center Distance Between Preforms:      2.75" (70mm)
Center Distance Between Lanes:      6" (152mm)
Number of Heater Elements Per Bank:            20
Total Number Temp. Controlled Zones      
- Per Bank:      20
- Total Per Machine:      40
Total Heater Capacity:            51.2 KW
Oven Loading Height From Floor      
With Levelers in Place:            63"
Total Number of Pallets:      64
Total Number of Nose Holders:      256
Mold Unit      
Platen and Clamp Specifications      
40 Tons for Tonnage Clamp:      66 Tons (64 Tons Metric)
Platen Size:      24" x 16.38"
Maximum Daylight:      13.50" (343mm)
Clamp Stroke (3" x 2"):            6" (152mm)
Bottom Stroke:      3.06" (77.7mm)
Overall Mold Dimensions-Each Half:      6"W x 13.875"H x 3.75"D
Total Mold Thickness:            7.5" (190mm)
Mold Bottom Diameter (Max.3 PC Molds):      4.247" (106mm)
Neck Finish - Max:            43mm
Neck Finish - Min:      18mm
Maximum Support Ring Diameter:            2" (50.8mm)
Body Diameter - Max.:            1.50" (38mm)
Body Diameter - Min.:                  0.62" (16mm)
Maximum Overall Length:      8" (203mm)
Maximum Thickness:      0.190" (4.8mm)
Stretch Blown Container Specifications:      
Neck Finish - Max.:      43mm
Neck Finish - Min.:      18mm
Maximum Diameter:      5.75" (140mm)
Maximum Height (w/o Finish):      15" (390mm)
Maximum Approximate Volume:            1/2 gal
Overall Dimensions:      138"L x 121"W x 96"H
Overall Weight:      24,000 lbs

Equipped With:
* 30 HP AC Drive Motor and Controls
* Quick Panel Programmable Touch Screen Control
* Bulk Bottle Feeder with Incline Conveyor, Hydraulic * Power Package and Touch Screen Controls.

* This machine is capable of handling .20 to 3.0 Litre Containers.
* Neckfinishes from 18mm to 43mm. Speeds of up to 6,000 containers per hour. Producing different sized simultaneously. Automatic, perform 4-Pocket Blow Molder capable of doing up to 4400 BHP depending on application. Bottleneck size range of: 18mm to 48mm and capable of molding bottle sizes of ½ liter pet with proper change parts.