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SHEET LIFTERS (Also See Coil Handling Equipment Section)

Johnson / Davis Standard sheet line, 54", 75 mm extruder skid.controls, SCR, #22723

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ONE (1) Used Davis Standard 75 MM Extruder-54" Johnson Sheet Line as follows: . ONE (1) Used 75 MM Davis Standard Extruder, electrically heated, water cooled, 30:1 L/D vented barrel, 17.26:1 gearbox ratio, 100 H.P. DC Motor, skid mounted with controls and SCR Controller, 500# per hour, Serial No. L2025, SO #03201, New 1990. ONE (1) Used 3.5" Berringer Hydraulic Screen Changer with power pack. ONE (1) Used 46" Sheet Die. ONE (1) Used 54" Roll Face width x 12" diameter Johnson Three Roll Sheet Stack with cooling conveyor, pumps, heat exchanger and controls. ONE (1) Used Johnson Trim Station. ONE (1) Used 54" Roll Face width x 8" diameter Johnson Pull Roll Stand with Rubber Pull Rolls. ONE (1) Used Dual Station Johnson Turret Winder with motors and controls.