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Blanchard #18A2, grinder, 40", 2 spindle auto., 12" vertical, (2) 30 HP, 1965, #3742

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8" Diameter x up to 12" high on plain table.

Work Table
Blanchard one-piece steel magnetic chuck, single-pass type, 40" outside diameter, 26" inside diameter. Chuck uses direct current only. 115 or 230 volts dc (870 watts). A plain cast-iron table may be substituted for magnetic chuck, 43" outside diameter, 26" inside diameter.

Grinding Wheel
18" Diameter x 5" deep x 10" hole (18" x 5" x 10") or 18" diameter x 5" deep, x 12" hole (18" x 5" x 12"), usable depth 4".

Wheel………………………………… 1200 RPM on 60 cycle 1000 RPM on 50 cycle
Chuck: Fixed speed, easily changed with pick-off gears, from .42 to .88 RPM. Higher and lower ranges are available when required. Also available is a continuously variable drive between .28 and 2.2 RPM.

Each wheel head has vertical down feed by hand or power, with power down feed controlled by a separate wheel control caliper for each grinding head. Each wheel head has motor-driven raising and lowering with push-button control.

Standard Equipment
Two 30 HP foot-type spindle motors mounted on wheel heads; one 2 HP motor mounted on base for table rotation; two 3/4 HP traverse motors, two 1/4 HP feed motors. 40" single pass magnetic chuck or 43" plain table. Water-guards, piping, coolant discharge chute. Two wheel control calipers, two ammeters wired in wheel motor circuits. Control panel containing line start contactors with thermal overload protection for all motors, with 115 volt control circuit. (All electrical equipment to 1967 J.I.C. general purpose machine tool standards).

Hand Loading Type
Loading shelf, chuck rings, adjustable unloader and chuck cleaning device. (Chuck rings, unloader and cleaner for magnetic chuck grinders).

Dial Loading Type
Dial and driving mechanism, adjustable work guides, chuck rings, adjustable unloader and chuck cleaning device.

Specifications are deemed accurate, however, subject to verification or prior sale.