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Fellows #FS180, CNC Hydrostroke 5-Axis gear shaper, #s-15637-38

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Fellows #FS180, CNC Hydrostroke 5-Axis gear shaper, #s-15637-38
Fellows FS-180 CNC Hydrostroke 5 Axis Gear Shaper
Serial No. 36911

Equipped with: Fanuc Model 15M control
Auto Load and Unload

Max. pitch dia.: 7"
Max. face width, external: 1.25"
Max. diametral pitch: 6.3 DP
Max. OD, external: 7"
Max. stroking speed in acutal production: 1700 SPM
Max. stroke length: 1.5"
Max. helix angle: 45 degree
Max. cutter dia.: 3.150"
Spindle dia.: 6.89"
Center Dist.- Max: 6.3"
Center Dist. - Min.: -2.76"
Worktable Dia.: 12.5"
Swing Max.: 20.5"

Dimensions: 116" L x 71" W x 72" H
Machine weight: 8,500 lbs. approx.

The Fanuc CNC will control the following axes:
Work table rotation (no change gears required)
Cutter Spindle Rotation
Work Table Infeed
Cutter spindle Stroking Speed
Stroke Position
External Coolant tank
Crowning Feature via back off cam
Automatic elevation
Hydrualic power unit
Full electrical cabinet
Helical Guide

One to three cut selected by CNC controller.
Each cut has individual parameters for:
Depth of Cut
Infeed Rate
Stroking Speed
Rotational Feed Rate
Degree of Work Rotation
Setups can be stored in nonvolatile memory using a set up number between 1-999
Recut mode allow the operator to bring the part into size without change the programmed parameters.
Currently tooled for helical reverse pin gear.
Stock No. S-15637 & S-15638

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