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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, CNC (Including Vertical Lathes- VTL & Vertical Turning Centers)

31.5" Sterlitamak #800VT, 370 RPM mill/turn center, 39" max work height, 48 HP, new

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31.5" Sterlitamak #800VT, 370 RPM mill/turn center, 39" max work height, 48 HP, new
31.5ï½ STERLITAMAK High Column Vertical Mill/Turn Center

31.49ï½ diameter rotary table on 48 HP IDAM Torque Motor, 39ï½ high column option, 12,000 RPM Franz Kessler headstock, 87 Nm torque
24.8ï½ CNC controlled X-Axis travel (to/from column) to enhance milling capability,1000 PSI through-spindle coolant with full hooded enclosure, Chip Blaster JV10 unit, Siemens 840D cnc control with Simodrive 611 drives & IDAM Rotary Torque Motor
NEW. Made in Belgium and Bashkortistan. Stock # 9664

High Speed IDAM Torque Motor Rotary Axis:
31.49ï½ diameter rotary table, 48 HP (37kW) dynamic torque, 500 Nm torque, 3,307 lbs table load
374 RPM and 360,000 position C-axis contouring with hydraulic ring lock
0.0060 degree bi-directional positioning accuracy, 2,839 lb/ft torque
Linear Axes:
39.37ï½ Z-axis travel (vertical) with Heidenhain scale feedback, .00020ï½ positioning
43.31ï½ vertical distance tool spindle to rotary table (5.12ï½ minimum)
Quad-way X-axis linear guideway system for maximum rigidity
18.5ï½ fixed distance from tool spindle centerline to vertical column face
24.8ï½ X-axis travel (to/from column) with Heidenhain scale feedback, .00020ï½ positioning
24.02ï½ maximum horizontal distance from tool spindle centerline to rotary table centerline
1.97ï½ diameter X/Z ballscrews, 3.889 lb/ft thrust, double-nut & pre-tensioned
591 IPM maximum feed rate on X/Z axes, 0.00020ï½ positioning accuracy on X/Z axes
Tool Spindle:
12,000 RPM Franz Kessler headstock with HSK 63A spindle taper
25.5 HP tool spindle motor continuous duty, 87 Nm (67.3 lb/ft) torque
Load Shedding Tooth Coupling eliminates bearing load for single point turning
Tooling considerations:
20-tool umbrella ATC with 7 second tool-to-tool change time
3ï½ x 11.81ï½ maximum tool size all pockets full, 4.92ï½ x 11.81ï½ adjacent pockets empty
14.33 lbs maximum recommended tool weight

      7.6ï½ x 10.5ï½ x 12ï½H base machine before chip conveyors
      19,000 lbs approximate weight

Machine includes: rigid tapping, through-spindle (1000 PSI) and splash coolant, Chip Blaster JV10 variable volume high pressure unit, portable control with MPG & E-Stop, oil chiller unit, centralized automatic pressure lubrication system, dual chip conveyors with built-in coolant reservoirs, CE approved electrics, full splash enclosure with hood, steel telescopic way covers, thermo-symmetric column design

Price: FOB Houston, TX

Delivery: Stock subject to prior sale

Price includes factory representative for installation assistance and training. One year defective parts warranty.

NOTE: This quote is incomplete without the accompanying Conditions of Sale.      All specifications and price subject to verification.

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