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Osmonics #54A-HR(PA)10K-DLX, reverse osmosis system, with Tonkaflo pump, #28605

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One (1) used Osmonics reverse osmosis system, model 54A- HR(PA)10K-DLX, permeate rate 7 GPM at 60 F, concentrate rate 2.3 GPM, 205/386 psi inlet max/min pressure, with Tonkaflo pump, (4) 4" diameter x 87" long tubes, Osmonics model SYSCIP/BREAK TANK system with CIP/ break plastic tank, brine plastic tank, 1.5 HP GL pump, structural vinylester water softner tanks, rated 150 psi at 150 F, structural vunylester dual media filter tank, Osmonics model SYSUVCSL- CSL-SP UV skid with (2) Aquafine UV filter and controls.