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Pack 2000 klockner tevopharma flow wrapper, #26735

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Pack 2000 klockner tevopharma flow wrapper, #26735
One (1) used Klockner Tevopharm flow wrapper, model Pack 2000BM, consists of infeed table, folding box, foil tower, sealing table, crimper group, discharge table. The wrapping capacity depends on the film speed, quality of film and size of product, max speed of crimpers: 75 packs/minute, with / crimper per shaft, max film speed is 35 meters per minute, max temp seal discs 350 C, max temp end crimpers 350 C, max film reel width 450 mm, max film diameter 450 mm, 76 mm inner core diameter, with PLC controls order# 45541221, new 2000.

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