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PRESSES, PREFORM (TABLET) (Also See Presses, Powdered Metal)

4 Ton, Stokes #580, tablet press, precompression, 45 station, #20185

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ONE (1) Used F. J. Stokes Rotary Tablet Press, Model 900-580-0, 4 ton maximum final compression, dual stage precompression with up to 1 ton capacity at the first precompression station, up to 2 tons capacity on the second precompression station, 45 stations, 7/16" max. diameter of compact, 11/16" max. depth of fill, 3 H.P. variable speed drive with a 4 to 1 speed range, 525 to 2100 tablets per minute, complete with feed hoppers and feed frames, Serial No. T-664507, keyed head.