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MIXERS-BLENDERS, DISPERSION (Also See Dispersers (This Section)

1300 gal. Pat-L, tank mounted co-axial disperser, C/S, 118 psi, #22061

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One (1) used 1300 gallon Pat-L tank mounted Co-Axial ixer, carbon steel construction, approximately 6' diameter x 5'6" straight side, removable dish top, semi-elliptical bottom, rated 118 PSI and full vacuum internal at 650 degrees F, bolt on jacket on straight side and bottom head, 150 H.P. Two Tier Disperser thru Falk Gear Box rated 5.731:1 ratio, 40 H.P. anchor agitator with bottom and side wall scrape thru Cleveland Gear Box rated 5.73:1 ratio pulled down to 54 RPM output speed, both motors 460 volt XP, 18" x 24" top manway, (2) 6", (3) 4", (1) 3" top nozzles, 6" center bottom outlet, mounted in steel frame work, serial# 0139, national board# 44.