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8" x 24" Newport grinder, 3 HP main motor, ID attachment, coolant sys, very nice

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Stock Number: 2596
Model: GU650FA
Age: 1980
Condition: VERY GOOD

Equipped With:
Preowned 10" x 25.5"cc NEWPORT Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine WITH ID ATTACHMENT

Maximum swing over table 10"
Maximum diameter ground with new wheel 10"
Distance between centers 25"
Maximum work piece weight with centers 220lbs Aprox.
Maximum load of chuck 55 Lbs.

Work Carriage:
Traverse speed 0 to 80 I.P.M.
Table swivels, clockwise/couter-clockwise plus or minus 10 degrees
One revolution of handwheel moves table .750"
Maximum traverse of table 27"

Wheelhead & Wheel Feed:
Grinding wheel size, standard 14" diameter x 1.5" wide x 5" bore
Wheelhead swivels left and right of center 35 degrees
Grinding wheel spindle speeds 1,700 &1,900 R.P.M.
One revolution of handwheel moves wheelhead .040"
Wheelhead handwheel is graduated to .0002"
Fine cross feed knob is graduated to .001mm

Motorized Workhead & Tailstock:
(4) Workhead spindle speeds 90, 180, 300, 450 R.P.M
Workhead spindle taper #4 Morse
Workhead swivel range 0 to 90 degrees R, 0 to 30degrees L
Tailstock spindle taper #3 Morse
Tailstock spindle travel 1.4"

Equipped with:
Manual or hydraulically actuated longitudinal table traverse
Dual live/dead workhead spindle with plain center
Tailstock with plain center
External hydraulic pump and tank
External coolant pump and tank
1/10 H.P. coolant pump motor
1/4 H.P. lubrication pump motor
1/4 H.P. 3/60/220-440 volt workhead motor
1 H.P. 3/60/220 volt hydraulic pump motor
3 H.P. 3/60/220-440 volt wheelhead drive motor
1 H.P. ID spindle
Machine is wired for 220 volt operation.

Approximate Weight: 4,300 Lbs.
Approximate Dimensions: 87" L-R x 63" F-B x 63" High