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PRESSES, HYDRAULIC (Also See Presses, Laminating and Presses, Molding)


7000 Ton, HPM rubber pad press, 2800 psi, 48" x 118" bed, 28" stroke, 1951

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7000 Ton, HPM rubber pad press, 2800 psi, 48" x 118" bed, 28" stroke, 1951
HPM 7000 Ton Rubber Pad Press, Hydraulic, Closed Die Press,
S/N 51-244

Year: 1951
Condition: Very Good

Fastraverse Platen Press, Vertical Down Acting-Open Rod Type with Closed Top Pedestal Type Bed. Platen Guided on 4 Columns with 360 Degree Split Bronze Bearings.
Ram Diameters: Main ram: 74”
(2) Pullback Rams: 21” x 18”

Pressing Surfaces: Platen at Sides 54” x 72”

Distance between Tie Rods: 54" L-R, 71 1/2" F-B

Bed at Sides: 54” x 115”

Platen & Bed at Ends: 72” x 144”

Clearance between rods: 54” x 72”

Daylight Space, Between Surfaces: 44”

Max Travel: 28”

Ram Speeds, Inches/ Min

Closing: 238

Pressing: 8.6

Opening: 238

Accumulated Cycle Time: (building pressure, reversing etc. at max pressure & travel) 10.7 seconds/ cycle

(1) Column Nut is missing

We have pictures of the press's disassembly and can email you a link to photos upon request.

Previously used to manufacture airplane parts.

Pressing Members: Platen- actuated by one single-acting main ram and two double acting booster pullback rams. Pressure is applied to area of main ram and forward area of both auxiliary ram simultaneously.

Subject To Prior Sale

Price $465,750 Loaded, Additional Charge For International Shipment

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