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STRAIGHTENERS, SHEET & STRIP (Also See Levelers, Roller)

4.72" x .157" Kohler #24.120/21B, Parts & Strip Straightener, 1990, #2790

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4.72" x .157" Kohler #24.120/21B, Parts & Strip Straightener, 1990, #2790
Capacity: 4.72" x .157" (Maximum)
Number of Hardened Straightener Rolls: 21
Diameter of Straightening Rolls: .94"
Feed Rate: Variable
Adjustable Upper Straightener Rolls
All Straightener Rolls Power Driven
Rolls Backed-Up Top & Bottom
Direction of Feed: R - L

Programmable Control System
(5") Entry Single Roll Power Feeder w/Loop Control
Power Roller Frame Adjustment
Adjustable Stock Entry/Exit Guides w/Digital Read-Out
Digital Rolls Position Indicators
Automatic Lubrication System
Electrical Vari-Speed Drive
Electrical Controls

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 100" L-R x 90" F-B x 88" H
Approximate Weight: 5,000 Lbs

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