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INDUCTION HEATING & MELTING UNITS (Also See Frequency Changers-Elec.& Pwr.Sect.)


15 KW Tocco #4EG153, 200/450 Khz, loaded, like new condition, 1990

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15 KW Tocco #4EG153, 200/450 Khz, loaded, like new condition, 1990
Tocco 15-KW Induction Heater Ref.#54-88
Model No. 4EG153
Serial No. 90-4016-15 New 1990

The 4EG Series TOCCOtrons are completely self contained power supplies for use where radio frequency at medium power is required for an induction heating process. They convert energy from standard 60 Hz line frequency to nominal 400 kHz and deliver same to the output station.

Output:      15 KW
Frequency:      200/450 kHz
Required Water Supply:      12 GPM
Overall Dimensions:      36" x 64" x 72" High
Weight, Approx.:      2100 Lbs.
Equipped With:
Interface Card Which Allows the Use of a Closed-Loop Temperature Control System
Permanently Grounded Discharge Probe Sticks Tubes
Internal Radio Frequency Output Transformer
Automatic High Voltage Grounding Devices
Internal Cooling Water Recirculation System
Water Temperature Interlock Switch
Air Temperature Interlock Switch
Water Flow Interlock Switch
Low Water Interlock Switch
Variable Power Level
Single Station Output
Filament Time Delay
Tank Current Meter
Plate Voltage Meter
Plate Current Meter
Grid Current Meter
Heat Timer

460/3/60 Electrical Input

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