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Saturn Mac Corp. #52-32HT, shredder, 52" x 32" throat, 150 HP

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Mac Corporation Saturn model 52-32HT shredder. 150 hp hydraulic pump is driven by two 75 hp hydraulic pumps. Drive unit is skid mounted and stands separate for the shredder. 52" x 32" infeed throat. 75" tall hopper tapers up to a 98" x 90" opening. Has (34) 1-1/4"wide x 15.75" diameter knives on counter rotating shafts. Shafts turn at a maximum of 59.7 RPM to produce up to 71,270 lbs of cutting force. Capacity ranges from 1 to 15 tons per hour depending on the product.(Estimated capacities for different products on file) Requires 480 vac 3 ph 250 amp electrical service.