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ROLLFORMERS (Also See Sheet Metal Machinery)

14 Stand, Lockformer, 3 in 1 combo.rolls, 1" x 1" x 3/4" w/gauge bars for all three

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14 Stand, Lockformer, 3 in 1 combo.rolls, 1" x 1" x 3/4" w/gauge bars for all three
Pre-Owned Lockformer 14 Station DS Connector Machine
Model 14 • S/N 1523
* Inboard Accommodation:      8" Max Blank Width
* Extended Shafts:      3-3/8" Long                        
* Shaft Diameter:      1-1/8"                        
* Horizontal Centers:      6"                        
* Vertical Centers:      3-1/2" (Standard)                        
* Forming Speed:      Approx 70FPM                        
* Motor - General Purpose Ball Bearing      7-1/2Hp, 1800RPM,
230/460V, 3Ph, 60 Cycle                        
Starter Control :                               
* Manual starter for operation on 230/460V, 3Ph, 60 Cycle
Current Characteristics                        
* Dimensions:      Approx 32"W x 48"H x 115"
- Pass Line Height       33"                        
* Shipping Weight: 2150 lbs (approx), without Roller Dies                        
Equipped with:                                    
* 3 in 1 combination rolls
- 1" x 1" x 3/4" w/ gauge bars for all three shapes
* Pittsburgh lock
* Pocket depth ½", 16 ga                         
* Adjustable bar cleat                                                            
Note: This machine can accommodate all the rolls available for the Lockformer Triplex 14 station connector machine      and all the roll sets available for the 10- Station Standing "S" Cleat Machine. It is for the contractor who needs only one duct connector profile inboard but wants the flexibility of two outboard auxiliary forming stations. It has the same rigid double plate construction as the popular Lockformer Stand in "S" Cleat Machine yet offers more forming stations, more combinations of standard rolls and more versatility.                                    

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