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PRESSES, HYDRAULIC (Also See Presses, Laminating and Presses, Molding)

100 Ton, HPM #CU-2 Fastraverse, 18" stroke, 30" x 24" bed area, cushion

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We Propose to furnish and submit for your consideration:

1 ea. (Used) HPM Fastverse Self contained hydraulic drawing press
Model #CU-2 S/N-51-332

Capacity      100 Ton.      
Area of Bed      30” x 24”
Area of Ram      30” x 24”
Speed @ full travel/full pressure complete cycle      1.2 sec
      50 strokes/min
Speed Closing      775”/min
Press      146”/min
Opening      775”/min      
Ram Stroke      18”      
Die Space      30”
Equipped with: Die Cushion 34 Ton
Travel 9”
Piston diameter 5”
20” high pedestal (flush Mount)
Gib guided slide, Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Floor Space      96” x 89”      
Weight Approx.      22000 LBS
Stock       C-cox

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