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GEAR SHAPERS (Also See Gear Cutters)

Fellows #10X6, horizontal, 10" pitch diameter, 3 DP, 4" face, 8.5" stroke, HZ type, #24833

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Fellows
Model: 10X6
Stock #: 24833
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Dealer Information
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Mohawk Machinery Inc
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Cincinnati, OH 45215-6330

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Detailed Product Description

New 1967, Serial No 33899, Model 10X6 HZ Type

Suitable For The Cutting Of External/Internal
Gears, Pinions, Splines, And Clutches Located
On Long Integral Shafts, Which Would Be Difficult
Or Impossible To Address In Vertical Execution
On Any Other Type Of Gear Shaper.
-Base Machine, W/Cutter Head & Relieving Cutter
Spindle W/Adjustable Work Spindle Slide
-Four Speed 10 HP Main Motor With Manual Drum
Switch For Speed Change Control
-Rapid Rotation Of Work Spindle For Truing Work
-Rapid Work Slide Traverse For Positioning Work
Slide Relative To Cutter
-Capability Of Cutting On "Push" Or "Pull" Stroke
-Automatic Depth Feed Mechanism For One To Four Cuts
-Manual Control For Disengaging Cutter And Work
Rotation To Facilitate The Cutting Of Slots And/Or
-Cutter Positioning Using Stroke Jog-Button
-Selection Of Rotary Feeds Via Pick-Off Gears
-Excellent Assortment Of Change Gears For Stroking
Speed, Depth Feed Cam Gears, Index/Work Gears,
And Rotary Feed
-Hollow Cutter Spindle W/Straight Spur Guide
-Three (3) Additional Extra Straight Spur Guides
-Three (3) Cutter Spindle Adaptors, With
Cutter-Spindle Extensions, Along With Adaptor
For Cutting On "Pull" Stroke
-Tailstock With Manual Hand-Wheel Control
-Machine Main Base Extension With Long Cradle Bed
And Cradle
-Assortment Of Work-Steady Rests For Workpiece
-Large Assortment Of Work-Holding Fixtures,
Work Spindle Adaptors, Etc.
-Power Forced Lubrication System To All Working
-Self Contained Coolant System (Pump & Piping)
-Full Complement Of Electrics (Motors/Controls)
(Arranged For 220/440 V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz)
-Misc. Wrenches, Spanners, Operator's Tools
Principal Specifications:
Maximum Pitch Diameter, (External Gears) 10"            (254mm)
Maximum Pitch Diameter, (Internal Gears) 13"            (330mm)
Maximum Diametral Pitch (Spur Gears) 3 Dp            (Module 8.5)
Maximum Diametral Pitch (Helical Gears) 4/5            (Module 6.4/5)
Maximum Helix Angle (W/Proper Guides) /- 45 Degrees
Maximum Stroke Length (Push Stroke) 8.5"            (215.9mm)
Maximum Nominal Face-Width (Push-Stroke) 7.5"            (190.5mm)
Maximum Face-Width (Pull Stroke) 4"            (101.6mm)
Cutter Spindle Diameter 5"            (127mm)
Max. Workpiece Diameter
(Swing Inside Work Spindle Sleeve) 27.6"            (558.8mm)
Maximum Distance, Work Spindle Face
To Cutter Spindle Face 39"            (990.6mm)
Rotary Feed Per Stroke (Per Inch/24.5mm
Of Cutter Diameter).0006"-.0046"(.0152-.1168mm)
Infeed Of Cutter Per Stroke .0005"-.002"(.0127-.051mm)
Stroking Speed Range 8 To 275 SPM
4-Speed Main Drive Motor, HP/RPM 10/600,900,1200,1800
Machine Overall Length 198"            (5100mm)
Machine Overall Width 88"            (2200mm)
Machine Overall Height 78.7"            (2000mm)
Machine Approximate Net Weight 28,000 Lbs.(12,700Kg)