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LEVELERS, PRECISION ROLLER (Also See Levelers, Tension)

180" x 1200" Birdsboro, 14" hot, 6000 ton total sep.force, 3/8" -4" capacitycold

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Birdsboro "Five over Four" Steel Mill Roller Leveler

*This machine was constructed in 1945 for the purpose of leveling heavy armor plating. It was installed in 1947 after the war and then bought and set up in the Midwestern United States in 1989 at another steel mill. It is up and in operation. We were told that Birdsboro does not produce levelers this large anymore, and this one may be the largest in existence. Please contact us for additional information and inspection. We'll be happy to make an appointment to have you see the machine in operation. Our e-mail address is: Our contact phone number is: (630) 229-3926. Ask for John. National and international buyers welcome.

~180" wide work roll faces
~13" diameter work rolls
~16" diameter back-up rolls
~6,000 Ton Total Separation force
~Manual and semi-automatic screw positioning
~(2) 375/750 hp drive motors
~10" x 183" maximum window opening
~80 foot long powered roller table north of leveler
~110 foot long powered roller table south of leveler

Roller Flattening:
~Carbon Steel 3/8 inch to 3 inch thick
~High Strength and alloy 3/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches
~Width max to 180 inches
~Length max to 1,200 inches
~Tolerance: half standard A-6 or better

Press Flattening:
~Carbon to 6 inches thick
~High strength to 4 inches thick
~Widths to 150 inches
~Weights to 40,000 pounds

Our e-mail address is: Our contact phone number is: (630) 229-3926. Ask for John.