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CENTRIFUGALS (Including Boiler Feed Pumps)

525 GPM @ 790 psig, Worthington #4UNBS10, 350BHP, Terry turbine 580 psig, rebuilt

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525 GPM @ 790 psig, Worthington #4UNBS10, 350BHP, Terry turbine 580 psig, rebuilt
Worthington Boiler Feed Pump

Model: 4UNBS10
Serial Number: 55-001146
Outline Drawing: SL13537
Capacity: 525GPM
Discharge Pressure: 790psi
Suction Pressure: 25psig
Rated Speed: 6180RPM
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 275˚F
NPSHA: 45 Feet At Inlet of Strainer
Fluid Pumped: Boiler Feedwater at 0.945S.G. and 85˚F
Suction: 5”, 300# Flange, 11” OD
Discharge: 4”, 600# Flange, 10.75” OD
Impellers: 2 Stage, 9.5” OD
Test Pressure: 1280psi
Power: 350BHP
Manufactured: 3-90
Pump Casing: Cast Steel
Driver: Terry Steam Turbine
Drawing: H-8203
Rated Power: 350BHP
Rated Inlet Pressure: 580psig
Rated Inlet Steam Temperature: 660˚F
Steam Exhaust Pressure: 25psig
Total Rated Steam Consumption: 9120#/Hour
Steam Rate: 26.06 #/HP/Hour
Turbine First Critical Speed: 11,000RPM
Tubine will match rated capacities at 464psig, 660˚FTT with hand valve open.
Steam Inlet: 2.5”, 600#ANSI Flange, 7.5” OD
Steam Exhaust: 6”, 150#ANSI Flange, 11” OD
Lube Oil Cooler: ITT-Standard, Requires 25GPM at 85˚F on 1.25” Openings
Integrated Lube Oil Purifier: Centrilfilter, Model 181-5000
Unit includes main gauge board.
Dimensions: 50.75” Wide By 46.88” High By 73” Long
Total Weight: 5733.5#
1 Unit, Rebuilt

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