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Hasenclever #ASW/500/1000/1200S, Automatic Vert. Forging Roll, 1975

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Hasenclever #ASW/500/1000/1200S, Automatic Vert. Forging Roll, 1975

Hasenclever Automatic Vertical Forging Roll, Mfg. 1975, Serial No. 7554, Model ASW 500/1000/1200-S

Max. billet capacity RCS 180 mm
Max. billet capacity round 200 mm
Roll diameter 1000 mm
Useful width of tool 1200 mm
Max. length rolled 2000 mm
Roll speed 25 RPM
Main motor capacity 190 kW / 1200 RPM
Flywheel speed/weight 170 RPM / 13 MT
Manipulator tong stroke 2700 mm
Roll torque 955,000 J
Roll adjustment 25mm max./1005mm min.
Oil tank capacity 1000 liters
Weight of manipulator (approx) 115 MT

Additional Information:
Taken directly from production. Good condition .

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