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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, Includes VTL's (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment)

30" Bullard Cutmaster, TH, SH, 3 or 4-Jaw chucks, Hi Column (5)

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30" Bullard Cutmaster, TH, SH, 3 or 4-Jaw chucks, Hi Column (5)

STOCK NO. 9734


      S/N 25474      New Approx .1950

Max Swing      44"
Max Distance Table to Rail      25"
Cross Rail Vertical Travel      15"
Max Distance Table to Face of Turret      36 1/4"
Turret Head Vertical Travel      26"
Turret Head Toolpost Holes      2 3/4"

Table:      Built in 3-jaw Chuck      30" Dia.
Speeds:      Variable      6.2 – 225 RPM
Feeds:      16 in Geometric Ratio      .0026 - .500 IPR

Heads:      Five Sided Swiveling (30) Turret Head on Cross Rail

EQUIPPED WITH:      30 HP AC Motor Mounted on Outside Motor Mount Bracket
Pendant Control
                   Sony 2 Axis DRO
                   Automatic Lubrication
                   Scanomatic Tracer

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Subject to availability at extra cost
Threading, Drum Scoring and Angle Turning Attach
4-Jaw Chuck

Approx Weight:      21,000 Lbs.      
Approx Dimensions: (Head & rail up)      93"W x 91"D x 127"H
Approx Shipping Height:      116"

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